Good Hope School Athletics’ “history, with all her volume vast, hath but one page” — a page written by unfailing harbingers of girls’ athletics in the inter-school arena. Good Hope School Athletics Club (“GHSAC”) is here to make history again, to be the first athletics club among girls’ schools in Hong Kong. Having passed on the baton of striving for championship, alumnae of Good Hope School Athletics Team (“GHSAT”) still hold on to our passion in athletics, as well as the support to GHSAT’s development. With the meeting of minds, a group of alumnae formed GHSAC in November 2015 aiming to facilitate the lifelong participation in athletics competition of alumnae and athletics development of GHSAT.

GHSAT’s debuts and simultaneous crowning as overall champions of the Inter-school Athletics Meets, in Division III in 1982-83 and subsequently in Division II in 1983-84, are unprecedented.

Riding on such record ascent, GHSAT captured 18 overall championships and 11 grand slams over decades as the most winning girls’ team in Division I to date. Good Hope School is also a cradle for Hong Kong top-notched athletes, record breakers in local competitions and contestants in international athletics events.

Among the finest hours of every Good Hoper, whether as spectators or participants, were the moments when we poured out our hearts in roaring cheers to support GHSAT in their pursuit of championship, sportsmanship and “Good Hoper-ship” in the Inter-school Athletics competition. GHSAC is looking forward to the same support for the same pursuit by every Good Hoper, such that our future will rhyme with our alma mater’s unparalleled success in Hong Kong schools’ athletics. We look forward to your company in our events to come!

Supervisor & Principal
Honorary President
Sister Pauline Yuen, MIC

Honorary Patron
Mrs. Laura Loraine Green
M.I.C. Sister
Honorary Patron
Sister Mary Olga Lam, MIC
Sister Lucia Leung, MIC
Coach Since 1982
Honorary Advisor
Mr. Watson Ng
Mr. Raymond Tam
Crystal Cheung
Vice Chairperson
Annie Lai
Villian Wong
Annie Chiu
Secretary (School Liason)
Anny Chan, Andie Ma
Malou Ko, Winnie Wong, Donstance Chun, Vanessa Yue, Suki Liu, Angie Li, Vicky Hui, Christine Leung, Ariene Ip

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