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Come, raise, O raise a hearty cheer,
Let voices blend in accents clear
In praise of our dear school.
Good Hope, forever true,
Good Hope, all hail to you!
You lead our gladsome youth
In radiant ways of truth.

Solo (Seniors)
High on Kowloon's verdant slope
Shining like a beacon bright,
Stands our dear school of Good Hope
Realm of Mary, Queen of Light.
There we learn the why of life,
There we ready for the strife.
Knowledge is our goal,
Knowledge of the things of earth,
Knowledge of the soul.

Solo (Juniors)
In its classrooms it imparts
Noble lessons day by day
Forming eager minds and hearts
In a gentle, loving way.
Hope its watchword, love its rule,
Is there such another school?
Loyal we will be,
To Our Lady of Good Hope,
Loyal we will be!